Anxiety & Phobias

1297272154Everything is so overwhelming.

Thoughts of “what if” and “I should have” keep looping around, and you can’t get them out of your head.

There is a persistent fear that something terrible is going to happen.

Maybe you think that if you check the locks on the house multiple times, that will stop the doom from happening. Or you feel like if you don’t go near an elevator or drive on a highway, then you will be safe.

All you know is that everything you feel seems too big for your body, and you cannot control it anymore.

You are losing yourself.

Sure, you know that some anxiety is a good thing, and it’s perfectly normal. It’s there to protect you, and you are grateful for it when it does.

But when you have feelings out of proportion to what is going on, this anxiety is not helping you. It’s too big, and you have lost yourself in this giant bubble of fear that keeps growing, pushing you away from all the people and things you love most. As a result, you feel disconnected and stuck with no way to reach out.

You sleep restlessly and find yourself irritable about things that shouldn’t even matter to you. Maybe you’ve started having headaches, back pain, or tension in your jaw. You may even find yourself shaking and trembling with the sheer force of your anxiety.

2323946873Anxiety is understandable.

When anxiety gets big, it takes over everything, shutting down communication from the logical part of your brain so that all you can do is feel the fear. When feelings become illogical, opening up communication between your brain and your body is helpful.

When you can regulate and soothe your anxiety, you become able to recognize the where, why, and how of when your anxiety shows up. This understanding can lead to better healing and a new perspective.

Anxiety doesn’t have to control you anymore.

There are many ways to heal anxiety. When we work together, you will learn to retrain your body into a calm and regulated state, process through the core memories and stuck sensations that lead to anxiety, and rewrite the stress itself into something useful instead of something harmful.

With specific phobias, we will spend time erasing those fears and replacing them with images and positive sensations so that you have your freedom once again from the things that have been holding you back.

Connect with me to begin your journey toward freedom from fear.