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Resilience in Motion

Run Therapy

Running Shoes Photo (1)Stuck body, stuck mind.

Negative thoughts, emotions, and memories have you feeling like it is impossible to move forward.

It feels like you are stuck in mud or on a rollercoaster you never chose to experience.

Traditional therapy often attempts to talk you out of this state of being, but sometimes that doesn’t work.

Run Therapy is different.

Andrew Tanglao 3i2vzcmeplu Unsplash (1)Movement is healing.

Using the body’s own natural healing abilities, Run Therapy helps relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and anger through combining running with other therapeutic interventions.

Running enhances resilience, self-confidence, and a sense of connection and belonging. Other benefits include overall physical wellness and improved memory and ability to learn.

Participants in Run Therapy will each receive an individualized plan and journal developed specifically for their goals and healing.

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Join us Tuesdays at 6 PM from May – October for Run Therapy group. This group is an intergenerational adult therapy group that welcomes participants of most running levels. From brand-new beginner runners who want to be able to run one mile to those who have run marathons, this group is for you!

More than another social running club, the Run Therapy group is designed specifically to address emotional and psychological struggles through physical movement. As a group we will learn to process negative emotions, thoughts, and memories.

This group is an open group and can be joined anytime throughout the season.

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Youth Run Therapy Groups

Children ages 7-12 and teens 13-17 are welcome to join our youth Run Therapy age-appropriate groups over summer break. These groups are intentionally created to address common emotional and psychological needs of youth in these age ranges.

Anxiety, depression, stress, social disconnection, emotional dysregulation, ADHD, and more can be addressed through Run Therapy. Beginner, intermediate, and experienced runners are welcome!

Kids Run Resilient Group is for 7-12 year olds and meets select Fridays from 9-10 AM during summer break.

Resilient Minds Teen Run Group is developed for 13-17 year olds, meeting select Fridays from 10:30 AM – 12 PM during summer break.

Youth Run Therapy groups are semi-open and can be joined throughout June but will be closed to new participants beginning in July.

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Run Therapy is also available for youth and adults who may not be able to meet at the time of the groups or who desire more 1:1 therapy. Limited times are subject to the therapist’s availability.

*Run Therapy is not appropriate for everyone. A prescreening appointment and medical note from a physician are necessary to determine right fit and to ensure medical safety of participants.