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Individual Therapy for Children

Childhood is challenging.Luke Pennystan Qba Teackas Unsplash

Children have big imaginations and even bigger emotions.

As adults looking back, we can often think childhood should be easy and fun, but children are still just learning how to handle life, and everything feels so overwhelming.

The highs can feel like flying free and the lows are absolutely crushing.


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Life is messy.

School is like torture when your happiness feels dependent on whether others like you or not. Bullying is real. Teachers struggle to understand, and people can be so mean.

Other children struggle with home life. Parents get divorced or they fight at home. Sibling relationships can be difficult to deal with when you just can’t get along. Screens and media are a challenge for children and parents alike.

Sometimes bad things happen as well. Traumatic events cause big problems for little people.

When life is messy, children learn to develop their identity according to that mess, but they don’t have to.




Eye For Ebony Owi1siwicai UnsplashA joyful childhood is right around the corner.

I provide therapy for children ages 5 and up to help them learn more than just emotional and behavioral regulation. Children who come to therapy grow into bold, confident, self-loving, compassionate, and resilient people.

Child therapy with me includes integrating movement and play, the way children naturally learn and grow. We work together to identify and enhance the strengths the child already possesses while learning new skills and growing in self and social awareness.

Helping children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship challenges is a passion for me. Showing them how to create a solid foundation for living an enjoyable life is my goal. To do this I use different techniques geared toward childhood development including EMDR, ART, play based therapy, sand tray, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and run therapy.

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Parents need help too.

For children ages 5-11 parent participation is highly encouraged. Open communication between the parents and myself is necessary for success. 

Parents may be integrated into the therapeutic process during sessions or will receive resources for life at home.

Parenting is hard at every stage. As a parent of 4 children, I know this deeply. I will help you and walk alongside you in this journey so that you know you are not alone.

Your child is worth it.

If you are ready to connect your child with a therapist who genuinely cares and is passionate about building a generation of resilient and joyful children, reach out now to set up your free consultation call.