Individual Therapy for Adults

1612767700Therapy with me is a holistic process.

I believe that you deserve a therapist who will help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Rather than sticking to one approach, therapy with me holistically integrates multiple techniques.

A lot of therapists work in what we refer to as a “top-down” approach. In other words, they help you change your life by changing your thoughts.

I am different. I work in a “body-up” approach and follow the body’s and brain’s most natural pathway toward healing.

Start here.

Clients who come in for individual therapy will begin by sharing their goals and dreams, the struggles that get in the way, and will create a plan with me for their healing.

The process will involve some more traditional talk therapy you may be familiar with, but it won’t stay here long.

The purpose of talking first is to create an informed plan because we’ll get moving toward true healing fast.

688367407Bodywork comes first.

We will work to retrain your body into a default state of relaxation and regulation.

Rather than going into survival mode or hanging out in a hypervigilant state most of the time, you will find relief using various methods to calm and soothe your body.

We will use body-based Somatic Experiencing and Mindfulness techniques to help deactivate your internal fire alarm and return you to a place of peace and understanding.

In my experience, clients who actively participate in these techniques daily see significant improvement in their physiological reactions within a short period – the clients who don’t practice these techniques outside of the office struggle more.

Brain change comes next.

From the body to the brain, we will actively participate in techniques that help you process trauma and anxiety while enhancing strength and resiliency.

Using EMDR and ART, we will actively work to create change in the way your brain interacts with past experiences and triggers. You can think of it like laying down new tracks for a new railway while removing the old ones that aren’t useful anymore.

2372173653Gain new perspectives.

After addressing the areas of struggle in your life through these body and brain-based approaches, we will focus on the mind – actively choosing new perspectives and thought patterns you long to believe and strengthen while eliminating old ones that have no place in your life now.

For instance, instead of thinking, “I’m not loved,” you may choose a new belief that “I love and appreciate myself.”

Or maybe you think, “Life is too hard, and I’m not good enough.” You will learn, however, to honestly believe the thought, “I am learning to do hard things better.”